April 6, 2010

UPDATE: My Frustrating Experience With The 1000000 Card Giveaway

UPDATE: Thankfully, I'm not the only person out there that had a problem with this. It turns out there is a way to have things return to normal. Since I've paid for the cards I can't go back and see exactly how to do it. There is apparently a cancel button on the page requesting payment information that will stop the request and return the cards to the "My Collection" area. Thanks to SpastikMooss and Ryan from Trader Crack's for the information.

I thought I would give everyone a heads up if you are considering having your Topps Million Card Giveaway cards sent to you. I thought I would check out that option over the weekend and clicked on the option "Request Card Delivery" under on the My Account page. I cannot stress this enough, do NOT click on that unless you are serious about getting your cards sent to you. Once you choose the cards in your collection that you want shipped they are moved to a shopping cart and won't appear in the "My Collection" tab any longer. They are sort of in this state of limbo waiting for you to pay for them. [My seven cards cost $6.10 for me to ship them.]

It took me a couple days to figure that out. E-mails to Topps haven't been returned yet and for those few days I was regretting trading away my used code cards.

After paying for the cards, I was given a message that says "shipping usually takes 9-12 business days" so who knows if that is processing time or if I should expect them in about two and a half weeks? I'll give a full report when I receive the cards and all I can say is that a white envelope had better not be involved!
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