The Most Fun I've Had Opening Packs This Year

These cost me a $1 each at the Dollar Tree. They looked to have been just put out the day I stopped by and hadn't been manhandled yet. They are packaged by Cards One which is the same company that put the Trading Card Investment Series. It's best to go into these with very low expectations and without a doubt these were the best repackaged packs I ever opened.

Each pack has 20 cards so we are taking a nickel a card. Even at straight commons you are nearly coming out even.

Here are the highlights:

1984 Topps #391 Dale Murphy All-Star

1984 Topps #780 Steve Carlton

1982 Topps #591 Al Oliver All-Star

1987 Topps #777 Chris Chambliss

Pack 2

A second Steve Carlton!

1984 Topps #780 Steve Carlton

1986 Topps #204 Phil Neikro Record Breaker

1984 Topps #398 Lou Whitaker All-Star

1984 Topps #331 Bucky Dent

I've got two Al Oliver hot packs.

1984 Topps #516 Expos Team Checklist x 2

1987 Topps #68 Tony LaRussa

1987 Topps #493 Tommy Lasorda