Luke Easter

Although probably not a good feeling to have on Easter, I was having some serious green-eyed envy of Cardboard Junkie's 1953 Luke Easter card so I went and found my own from the next year's set:

1954 Topps #23 Luke Easter

How exactly do you find out if you are one of the best softball players in the country?


Topps referenced Negro League ball in different ways. They called it semipro ball and also softball. From what I have read, that is what they are referring to on this card. I REALLY like that card. Luke Easter was amazing! To imagine if he played in the big leagues throughout his entire career. I think he was in his mid-30s when he broke in with Cleveland. When I was working with Curt Blefary he cited Easter as his biggest influence in the game. Great player, great coach. What a horrible end to a great life. I have ZERO sympathy for his murderers. May they rot in hell.
Matt Flaten said…
I had never heard that CT. I'm trying to do some research on you have a good source for that or remember where you say that about the use of "softball" or "semipro"?