April 21, 2010

How To Ruin Collector Good Will 1000000 Cards At A Time

My 1000000 Card Giveaway cards have arrived and they were semi-destroyed. Why are these packaged without a team bag again? If they were, things like this...

1975 Topps #363 Carmen Fanzone

wouldn't happen. You can't see from the scan but the card now has a ridge running through the middle where the package was attempted to be folded with such pressure it broke the toploader.

I imagine it was a financial decision to save a few thousand dollars over all the packages that would be sent but it chop blocks all the excitement and good will collectors [well, this collector at least] have for Topps because of this great promotion.

Now if I pull more of these cards I have to roll the dice to see if the cards will arrive safely. Is this better than having my mother just throw them away?

Of the bunch I ordered here is the one I was most excited about. It's not exactly the big bright and vibrant card I was hoping for and there's a big ass crease through "Orioles" but it's hard to say if that was the card's original condition or something that happened in shipping. But it's one more vintage card than I had before so it's hard to be too disappointed.

1966 Topps #247 Carl Warwick

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