Glen Perkins

I had been casually looking at the Glen Perkins autograph that beardy had listed on It was only $2.50 and I pick up the Stroke of Genius cards whenever I can even if they aren't players I personally collect. Before hitting "Add to Cart" I thought I would check out Glen's bio to see what exactly I could say about him when it came time to "show and tell" about the card.

A little wiki-research later and it turns out Glen's from Stillwater, Minnesota. Besides being the "birthplace of Minnesota" it's also where my fiance is from. So I yelled up stairs, "You went to Stillwater Area High School right?"


"Do you know a guy named Glen Perkins?"

".....That sounds familiar. Who is that?"

"He would have been a freshman when you were a junior."

"My sister would have been in his class. Why are you asking?"

I explain who he is and why I was asking.

"Oh yeah, my sister knows him. He was a really nice guy in high school. They go see him pitch whenever she's back in Minneapolis."

At this point, I'm close to apoplectic!

"Are there any other baseball players that you or your family might know that you're holding out on me!"

So, long story short, I'm now a Glen Perkins collector...and beardy's autograph is mine! After a cursory search, I've only stumbled upon this Perkins card in my collection.

2008 Upper Deck Goudey #113 Glen Perkins


Captain Canuck said…
lol. nice.

didn't you know, she's the cousin of Joe Mauer.... lol...
beardy said…
Enjoy it. That was my first ever redemption pull, but it had to go. Thanks for helping me build up my store credit.