April 29, 2010

The Cobra Collection: The Angels 3/4 Of A Year

Previously, on The Cobra Collection: The Pirates Years, The Red Years, The Brewers Year, and tonight's episode: The Angels 3/4 Year

Dave didn't quite get a whole season in with the Angels before being released and signed with his last team, the Blue Jays.

What can I say, the man looks good in windbreaker.

1990 Topps Traded #89T Dave Parker

1991 Bowman #199 Dave Parker

1991 Fleer Update #U-10 Dave Parker

1991 Leaf #334 Dave Parker x 2

Next week on The Cobra Collection: The Shocking Conclusion!...plus some cards I missed the first time through.

1 comment:

RWH said...

I still remember my dad muttering curse words every time Big Dave came up to bat during that 3/4 of a season.