Antique Shop Cards 2: This Time It's Personal

Part 1 of this post was the awesomely messed up 1955 Bowman Whitey Ford card I highlighted a few weeks ago.

Here is Part 2, which comprises of the rest of my goodies from the Lawrence Antique Mall. I haven't been back since I picked up these cards about a month ago so I hope that there will be some new goodies when I stop by again.

This Harmon has some nicely dinged corners but this is my first Harmon card from the peak of his career. I've been collecting around the corners but this one is right in the middle of his nearly 50 home run/100+ runs batted in seasons.

1964 Topps #177 Harmon Killebrew

This Yogi Berra card looks like it was used as a coffee coaster for a really full cup and some spilled over the side.

Yogi coached for many years in several different incarnations...he was a player/coach for both the Mets and Yankees and straight up managed the Mets, Yankees, and Astros.

1974 Topps #179 Yogi Berra Mets Manager

Alan Trammell's 2nd year card for $1.00 Sure beats the McDonald's value menu.

1979 Topps #358 Alan Trammell

Not a giant star but one of my personal favorites. Those sideburns don't make a bad card.

1975 Topps #585 Chris Chambliss

Like Ichiro and Diasuke, "Jim Hunter"'s card should have really just said Catfish.

1979 Topps #670 Catfish Hunter

Tim Raines rookie on a nicely centered '81 Donruss the great Expos jersey. Thanks Canada. It almost makes up for this whole Justin Bieber thing.

1981 Donruss #538 Tim Raines

Stolen Wikipedia fact: In 558 games pitched and nearly 4,000 innings pitched, Jim never gave up a grand slam home run.

1979 Topps #340 Jim Palmer

The one thing that has bugged me about this card is the black thing Hoyt is holding in his right hand? What is that? I'm thinking it's some black biker cloves that Hoyt wears while he beats up squares on his boss Harley. Hoyt was actually the inspiration for Marlon Brando's role in The Wild One.

1971 Topps #248 Hoyt Wilhelm

Thinking about it I don't remember seeing any Willie Stargell relics in that hurt-your-eyes yellow. Add that to the "cards to track down" list.

1977 Topps #55 Willie Stargell

This has got to be the only card to ever have the signature verticle and in the upper left hand corner. I dare you to prove me wrong.

1982 Topps #715 Willie Stargell


RoofGod said…
It's going to take more than one Tim "Rock" Raines cards to make up for Jutin Bieber, I still haven't forgiven Canada for Celine Dion yet.
Very nice stuff! The '64 Killebrew caught my eye... I have a handful of really beat up '64s. I think they look better with a little wear on them...
night owl said…
I have no idea who this Justin Bieber fellow is, but I keep hearing people complain about him, so I plan to continue not knowning.

I am up for your sideways Willie auto challenge.
Regarding the black item that Hoyt Wilhelm is holding:

Remember in Bull Durham, Nuke La Louche has a black "item" given to him by Annie to help him pitch? Wink-wink!
Really nice cards. The Killebrew is great.
Orioles Magic said…
If you ever have the "pleasure" of listening to Jim Palmer when he's providing play by play for O's games, he will "remind" you of that grand slam fact approximately once a game.