3 Packs Of The Trading Card Investment Series

I first heard about these re-packaged packs when madding posted one on A Pack To Be Named Later and luckily my local Dollar Tree had some in their card section. I love these sort of packs but didn't have too much extra cash at the time so I limited myself to three packs.

I'll save you the agony of posting all 45 cards and just focus on some of my favorites. Of all the cards ever made that could have been included in these packs I got a surprising amount of doubles, including two Derek Bells,

1992 Topps Derek Bell x 2

2 Dave Concepcions,

1987 Topps #731 Dave Concepcion x 2

and 2 Dwight Goodens. The Doc Gooden cards plus this Mike Harkey have a gold stamp commemorating the Florida Marlins' first year in the league. These are the first cards I've seen with this sort of stamp.

1993 Topps #657 Mike Harkey [Florida Marlins Inaugural Year Stamp]
1993 Topps #640 Dwight Gooden x 2 [Florida Marlins Inaugural Year Stamp]

Each pack has a minor league card included and all three of my packs had the very same J.D. Drew promotional card.

1999 Team Best Stars J.D. Drew Promotional Card x 3

And here are some of the best cards from the packs...some semi-stars and some personal favorites like Bob Walk and Rafael Belliard.

1988 Topps #630 Darrell Evans

This card doesn't feel right without some Dr. Steve improvements.

1991 Fleer #54 Bob Walk

1988 Donruss #584 Doyle Alexander

1993 Donruss #467 Dan Gladden

1992 Score #162 Omar Vizquel

1991 Stadium Club #404 Rafael Belliard


TJ said…
At least you got a couple of JD Drews. Actually your packs turned out way better than the two I bought the other day. What a waste. The collation is ridiculous. I did get a couple of '84 Andre Dawsons and some 1980 Topps Burger King cards. Strange stuff.
Jeremy said…
'88 Donruss is always a sound investment.