2010 Dizzing Heights Entertainment KISS Rock Tags

You know, Major League Baseball, you missed out on my $3.00 yesterday. If you hadn't given Topps a monopoly and therefore gutted the number of products I probably would have purchased the "new" product I hadn't opened much of from either Upper Deck or Topps and you would have gotten some licensing money. Instead, I'm bored with Heritage and the Topps Flagship and so my eyes wonder elsewhere to these awesome KISS Dog Tags!

I like packs with a giant choking hazard warning on it and they mean it! We're not chocking on gum here people! These are tiny metal pieces!

My sticker was of the 1978 album Double Platinum which was a greatest hits/deep cuts collection.

Sticker #7 KISS Double Platinum

Along with the sticker and dog tag you get a nice little checklist to see what is available. I like this a lot.

My dog tag is in honor of KISS's 1975 album Dressed To Kill which has their all-time hit "Rock And Roll All Night"

Tag #6 KISS 1975