The 1970 World Series Through Cards

The 1970 World Series was a World Series in transition. Some changes were good. Emmett Ashford, the first black Umpire in the majors became the first black umpire to work the World Series.

Some of the changes you could say were not so good. 1970 became the first World Series in which games were played on artificial turf [specifically the artificial turf at Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium]. This was also the last World Series in which all the games were played in the afternoon. An innocence seems to be lost in the harsh glare of the florescent lights...ahhh...what the hell do I know? I was -9 years old at the time.

And so here is the1970 World Series presented to you by the good people of Topps:

Game #1: Powell Homers To Opposite Field!
Series Standings: Orioles 1 -- Reds 0

1971 Topps #327 Game #1

Game #2: Buford Goes 2-4!
Series Standings: Orioles 2 -- Reds 0

1971 Topps #328 Game #2

Game #3: F. Robinson Shows Muscle!
Series Standings: Orioles 3 -- Reds 0

1971 Topps #329 Game #3

Game #4: Reds Stay Alive!
Series Standings: Orioles 3 -- Reds 1

1971 Topps #330 Game #4

Game #5: B. Robinson Commits Robbery!
Series Standings: Orioles 4 -- Reds 1

1971 Topps #331 Game #5

1971 Topps #332 World Series Celebration

I got five of these six cards pretty early in my 1971 Topps project but I was missing the Boog Powell card. I finally got that taken care of and now you can bask in the glow of the Orioles "Convincing Performance!"


John Bateman said…
These cards are great, I recently purchased Game 4 on ebay for a quarter. The B Robinson card does look kind of odd, he appears to be in a desert.
night owl said…
I finished this subset off very early in my '71 mission. I liked it so much. I also enjoy the ALCS/NLCS cards.
Matt Runyon said…
The 1971 World Series cards are some of the best ones Topps has done.
PunkRockPaint said…
The Brooks Robinson "Robbery" card is one of the best photographs to ever grace a card...