1970 Topps Seattle Pilots Needs List

I've never collected cards in a team set fashion. I'll buy a retail team set every now and again but I'm more of a entire set and single player collector. But I'm trying something new with my Seattle Pilots collection. Not having any major stars in their brief existence it's hard to get excited about Pilots cards so I'll try working on their team sets.

Here's my Needs List for the 1970 Topps set which would prove to be the last set for the Pilots.

1970 #271 Greg Goossen

1970 Topps #418 John Donaldson

1970 Topps #499 Skip Lockwood

1970 Topps #323 Wayne Comer

1970 Topps #514 Steve Hovley

1970 Topps #158 Jerry McNertney

Here's are the remaining cards I need for the team set:

Updated 6-3-10

Red = awaiting arrival/pending trade

53 John Kennedy
134 Danny Walton
185 Don Mincher
224 Steve Barber
289 Gene Brabender
359 Phil Roof
370 Tommy Harper
393 John Gelnar
473 Don Bryant
533 Buzz Stephen
574 Bobby Bolin
596 Mike Hershberger
613 Dave Baldwin
652 Rich Rollins
667 Bob Meyer
688 Ted Kubiak
713 Pilots Team


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