Win A Ron Guidry Jersey Card And A Possible Mike Mussina Autograph

We have a winner! Thanks to those that entered!

First, for those of you that took part in my 2010 Topps Giveaway, your packages
will be sent out this week probably Monday or Tuesday.

And so to complete the giveaway let's have a contest to win my remaining 2010 Topps [pictured above...there are about 130 cards left]. And to entice those of you who have completed the set or have no interest in it you can also win a Ron Guidry jersey card and a possibly authentic Mike Mussina TTM autograph!

Here's the Mussina card:

2005 Bowman Heritage #73 Mike Mussina TTM Autograph?

I won this on an eBay lot with some other cards and the seller claimed it was an authentic autograph that he had actually gotten himself. But who knows? Here are some examples of signatures from Mussina certified autographs on eBay:

It looks pretty good to me but for the sake of the contest I can't make any definite statements about the authenticity of the signature.

And here is card #2 that is authentic:

2007 Sweet Spot Classic Memorabilia #CM-RG Ron Guidry Jersey

To win, be the first to leave me a comment with the four series that these checklists come from. I've taken the liberty to removing any identifying symbols and numbers and even some players to make it a little more difficult.

Checklist A

Checklist B

Checklist C

Checklist D


Joe said…
I'm not 100% but here's my guess:

A. 2007 Topps
B. 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter
C. 1992 Topps
D. 1992 Upper Deck

Thanks for the great contest.
Alec said…
Not 100% either, but...
1. 2007 Topps Chrome
2. 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter
3. 1992 Topps
4. 1992 Upper Deck High #'s
I'll go with:
2007 Topps
2008 Allen & Ginter
1992 Topps
1992 Upper Deck Hi #s

Joe S. said…
No clue on which series the checklists are from, but Mussina signs quite frequently TTM (I have two), so it's more than likely the real deal. Why bother faking when you can just send away for one for less than a buck in postage?
RoofGod said…
I believe we have

2007 Topps Series 1
2008 Topps Allen & Ginter
1992 Topps
1992 UD High Series