Show and Tell #44: Cards From The Call Of Cardboard

Two weeks ago I was a lowly baseball card collector who had a total of zero Harmon Killebrew relic cards. Now I have two, one featured last week and one I received from Cardsplitter from The Call of Cardboard blog.

This one features a Twins jersey and is from the 2001 Topps Tribute set [which has to win the award for "most improved image of a set released in the past 10 years"].

2001 Topps Tribute #RJ-HK Harmon Killebrew Jersey Relic

As if that wasn't good enough, he sent me a bunch of my 2008 Upper Deck X needs list. I ask you, isn't the really sad thing that Upper Deck won't be making baseball cards anymore is that it means there won't be a 2010 Upper Deck X! Just think of the tens of collectors who are disappointed!

2008 Upper Deck X Diecuts
2008 Upper Deck X 1st Power Xponential
2008 Upper Deck X 2nd Power Xponential
2008 Upper Deck X 3rd Power Xponential
2008 Upper Deck X 4th Power Xponential

Thanks Chris and my return trade to you is in the mail.