Show and Tell #42: Sox From Thoughts and Sox

I've got to say I was surprised to received these four 1971 Topps cards from Adam of Thoughts and Sox because getting rid of vintage Red Sox [even if they are doubles] must be difficult.

1971 Topps #498 John Kennedy

I wonder what it was like not only playing for the Red Sox but also to have the name of one of the most famous people from Massachusetts.

1971 Topps #409 Don Pavletich

1971 Topps #512 Dick Mills/Mike Garman Rookie Stars

1971 Topps #577 Jim Longborg

Thanks Adam and there are some Red Sox headed back your way.


Anonymous said…
They seem strangely...recycled. ;)
Not only did John Kennedy play in Boston in 1971, but he was in Washington DC from 1962-64, playing for the Senators.

Talk about being in a big shadow!
Dick Mills is sporting the always classy windbreaker under the jersey look. Bring it back!

And I dig the long sleeve shirt under the jersey. No Under Armor here, boys.
AdamE said…
Yes Rhubarb - These came out of the stack you gave me. I figured why let a few could sit in double box purgatory when they could be distributed amongst bloggers that wanted them.

(I also sent two of them to another blogger with a 71 Topps collection. Waiting to see when he gets around to posting them)