The Name Game: Bowman Edition

I'm moving in on Night Owl's territory here so I will tread lightly. For the past few month's when I'm board at work I take out my Flipping, Trading book and work on my project to get a comprehensive list of all the cards featured in that book. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, nearly all the cards featured are between 1951 and 1969. There are little stories that go along with each card but there isn't any index or notation as to which cards are featured. That led me to this project as I hope to eventually collect every card highlighted in the book. [Thankfully the '52 Mantle is not included. The toughest card will end up being the Sandy Koufax rookie or Ted Williams rookie]. But a huge majority of the cards featured are commons or semi-stars and very easy to find at reasonable prices.

Having never really owned many vintage cards until recently it was a bit of a struggle to identify and keep straight all the Topps and Bowman sets of the 50's and 60's. So I took a page from Night Owl Define the Design and created my own sort of cheat sheet giving each set my own personal nickname so that I could easily identify them. We will highlight my Bowman list now and the Topps list in another post:

1951 Bowman -- The Black Box Set

1951 Bowman #170 - Sibby Sisti - Courtesy of

1952 Bowman -- Only Signature Set

1952 Bowman #115 - Larry Doby - Courtesy of

1953 Bowman -- The Greatest

1953 Bowman Color #99 - Warren Spahn - Courtesy of

The great color photograph make this set the best ever made. The lack of any added graphics also make the cards from this set nearly impossible to identify if the players aren't recognizable stars and you can't see the reverse of the card.

1954 Bowman -- Signature In A Box Set

1954 Bowman #132 - Bob Feller - Courtesy of

These are essentially the 1953 Bowman set with a signature in a box added. All I can think about is this:

1955 Bowman -- TV Set

1955 Bowman #123 - Marv Grissom RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

Who doesn't like this set? It is probably the most easily identifiable of all of these. It was also the first to have umpire cards.

1955 Bowman #286 - Frank Secory UMP - Courtesy of

I have two cards from it [Minnie Minoso and Harvey Kuehn] and of all my old vintage cards I probably take these out most often just to take a look at the awesomeness.


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