More Tom Terrific

Ever since I pulled the Tom Seaver base card from this year’s Topps flag ship set I’ve been working on strengthening my Tom Terrific collection that had quite a few base card holes in it. Here are the fruit of my work:

These first two are also from the 2010 Topps Series I set. How great is it that Tom has three cards in the set thus far?

2010 Topps 1951 Topps Tribute #11 Tom Seaver Blue Back

2010 Topps #LL25 Tom Seaver/Roy Halladay Legendary Lineage

I ask you, how great is this card? I love the idea of pitcher bat cards.

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game #CIN-TS Tom Seaver Bat Relic

The cheapest way to get an original card of Tom as a Met card would be to snag anything from the 1984 base sets of the big three card companies. He was a Met for one season after being traded back to them from the Reds and then grabbed by the White Sox in the 1984 free-agent compensation draft.

As an interesting side note, because Seaver was picked up by the White Sox there was a hole in the pitching rotation that was filled by a rookie named Dwight Gooden.

1984 Topps #740 Tom Seaver

The only thing better than Tom in 2-D is Tom in 3-D!

1981 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars #38 Tom Seaver

1983 Donruss #122 Tom Seaver

1983 Fleer #601 Tom Seaver