More Luis

As if I need a reason to show more Luis Aparicio cards...

2006 Topps Turkey Red #590 Luis Aparicio

1972 Topps #314 Luis Aparicio In Action

The interesting thing here is the back of the In Action case you were under the assumption that Topps was doing something new with the horrible 2010 Topps When They Were Young insert set, they're really just recycling a bad idea from the 70's.

"See Your Favorite Stars When They Were Kids!" No, thanks.

This is exactly the same trap that George Lucas fell into with the first few Star Wars prequels.

Do you like Darth Vader? Well here's a movie of him as a little kid.

Do you like Boba Fett? Well here's another movie of him as a little kid.

Do you like David Ortiz? Well here's a card of him as a little kid.

[I wish I could say I thought up the George Lucas idea, but Patton Oswalt did first.]