Minimum Suggested Retail Price

There should be some sort of law that cards of Hall of Famers have to sold for over a $1.00. It would be like the lowest amount that a pack of cigarettes can be sold at. "We sell our cards at the lowest legal price!" These were 40 cents and 30 cents, respectively.

1972 Topps #195 Orlando Cepeda

1974 Topps #83 Orlando Cepeda

Related to this, Slate has a nice little article about "The Great Baseball Card Bubble" and why your unopened 1988 Donruss wax box will never sell on Craigslist for $5,000.


Bo said…
A $1 minimum doesn't really work for a hall of fame with the likes of Jim Rice and Bruce Sutter.
Cardsplitter said…
OOh ooh! I like that Cepeda! I need it. I'll give you a dollar for it!