This all started out with me buying a Jim Bunning card for a future post entitled "Jim Bunning: Hall of Fame Asshole." But as often happens, by the time I got the card and sat down to write the post my strong emotions regarding the actions of a washed up politician had subsided. So I'm left with Jim Bunning's floating decapitated head highlighting his great talent for striking people out and how that contrasts with his political ability.

1963 Topps #10 '62 American League Strikeout Leaders

But let's not give up on this card yet. We also have a bunch of other great pitchers that deserve to be highlighted on the blog.

Let's start with Juan Pizaro.

1959 Topps #188 Juan Pizarro

No, he did not conquer the Incas...that would be Francisco Pizarro. But I wouldn't mind seeing a Francisco Pizaro cut's what his autograph looks like:

Juan is one of those pitchers that almost always wins more games than he loses and pitches forever [18 seasons]. Known for his fastball, Pizaro led the league in strikeouts per nine innings in '61 and '62 [he finished 4th overall in K's those two years].

And now for some Kaat, Jim Kaat:

1970 Topps #75 Jim Kaat

Jim never lead the league in strike outs although he did finish 2nd in 1966 to Sam McDowell of the Indians [and 4th in 1962...yeah, you read that right. Kaat and Pizarro tied for 4th place in strikeouts at 173].

Jim's also the inspiration for a new craze sweeping the's called LOLKaats and it's cards of Jim Kaat with humorous sayings added usually about Jim's love of fastballs...


I don't get it... Pizzarro was a great pitcher who had a bizzaro auto though... LOLKaats? Really?