If you haven't read Night Owl's post on his feelings for this year's Heritage set you should. He feels the cards are boring...and I agree...they are. But Topps should be given credit for being strong and paying tribute to exactly how boring the original set was. Here are a couple of cards from my collection to demonstrate.

First we have this classic:

1961 Topps #431 Chuck Stubbs

Not even aviator glasses could save that one.

Or this one:

1961 Topps #201 Pete Whisenant

I only have a few 1961 Topps but luckily Night Owl pulled the 2010 version of one of my originals.

Night Owl's version:

And the 1961 version:

1961 Topps #51 Detroit Team Photo

You'll notice the biggest difference is the glaring trademark symbol and for some reason they didn't place the current Tigers logo in the center of the blue box.