I Had A Dream

I had a dream of writing a great Roberto Luongo vs. Ryan Miller post last week in preparation for Canada vs. US II...plus I could highlight my awesome Roberto jumbo card from last year's Victory set...

2008-2009 Upper Deck NHL Victory Hockey #OS2 Robert Luongo Jumbo

But it turned out I had only one other Robert Luongo card and that was when he was with the Florida Panthers...

2002 In The Game First Edition #089 Roberto Luongo

And on top of that, I don't even own one Ryan Miller card...and I've been buying hockey cards at a pretty regular clip of two packs a year...I can't believe it!

So you get to marvel at the power of Lanny McDonald's mustache:

1984 Topps #26 Lanny McDonald


TheRealDFG said…
It is interesting that your Luongo First Edition has the same card gunk on it that all mine do. I thought I got a bad box a few years back. Oh, and I can use that Lanny if you want to trade it.