The Good, The Bad, The Awesome: Topps 2010

The Bad

2010 Topps Checklist #1 Lance Berkman and Mike Hampton

Here we have Lance Berkman looking like Chumlee from Pawn Stars minus the goatee...The card is captioned "Photo Day Fun" and, to me, nothing spells fun like putting my face really close to another guy's face and resting my chin on his shoulder.

And let me make something clear as I rag and rag and rag on these 2010 Topps cards. It just seems like this year's Topps was rushed out earlier than last year at the expense of quality. Some of these cards simply just suck and there is really no reasonable explanation as to why because they have no legitimate competition in baseball card market any longer. Take those few weeks that the product was moved up and trim the fat.

Why can't Upper Deck make licensed baseball cards again?