The Good, The Bad, The Awesome: Topps 2010

Over the next few posts we will be building toward a Topps 2010 Giveaway of my own. To get there I'll highlight what I think is good, bad, and awesome about this year's Topps flag ship set.

The Good:

God only knows how many times this design has been printed and re-printed but it is still a striking design that makes this year's version look like it was designed by a box turtle with an IQ of 60.

2010 Topps 1951 Insert #8 Mariano Rivera
2010 Topps 1951 Insert #12 Roger Maris
2010 Topps 1951 Insert #15 Mel Ott
2010 Topps 1951 Insert #13 Chipper Jones
2010 Topps 1951 Insert #6 Roy Halladay
2010 Topps 1951 Insert #1 Babe Ruth

The backs:

I wonder if Topps knows who thought to use different colors originally?

My personal favorite of the group is the Mel Ott. The world needs more Mel Ott cards in existence.


TheBrooklynMet said…
Nice post, I pulled a Warren Spahn.
CaptKirk42 said…
From 10 packs of Target loose packs which have the Red backs, WalMart has the Blues:
I pulled 4 of these cards:
Warren Spahn
Cy Young
Reggie Jackson
Cal Ripken Jr.

I'm going for this subset of 45 only 41 more to go (for the Reds 45 for the Blues)