The Giants Win The Pennant

Of all the 1952 Topps cards I'd love to win from the 1,000,000 Card Giveaway the top one would be card #1 Andy Pafko. Close behind it would be #274 Ralph Branca.

Not only is it apart of the Flipping, Trading master set I am working on, it is also the first card made after Mr. Branca's pitch that will live in infamy:

Ungraded cards are going for $35-$60 on eBay and so I'll have to be content with this shiny version from Topps Archives Reserve:

2001 Topps Archives Reserve #43 Ralph Branca


Jay said…
The archives reserve is one of the best releases ever. My dream autograph card is in it. The willie mays on card gem. Its my holy grail. I came close to trading for the relic version, but it fell through.

Damn nice Branca card though..