The Big Mitt Big Post

Today is quickly becoming retro Saturday...

I've mentioned a couple of times that this is one of my favorite cards ever. I love cards with The Big Mitt and a card dedicated to it is absolutely magnifique!

2009 Topps Heritage #BF4 The Big Mitt

I love The Big Mitt so much that I needed to expand my Big Mitt related collection. First let's start with the creator of The Big Mitt, Baltimore Orioles manager Paul Richards.

1960 Topps #224 Paul Richards

Paul's photo was so good from the 1960 series that Topps recycled it in the '61 set.

1961 Topps #131 Paul Richards

Why did he design a giant catcher's mitt? To give his catchers an advantage at handling the knuckle ball pitches from this guy:

1960 Topps #395 Hoyt Wilhelm

The bigger the mitt the better the chances the catcher would be able to get to wherever Hoyt's pitches went.

1960 Topps 115 Roy Face & Hoyt Wilhelm Fork & Knuckler

It helped also that there were no rules governing how big a catcher's mitt could be.