Antique Shop Cards Volume 1: A Battered Whitey Ford

Here's the first of a two part series of my cards from my most recent trip to the antique mall in downtown Lawrence...There were a whole bunch of "new" cards and so I feasted upon the carcass of some dead and dying vintage.

When describing a baseball card in poor condition it is often described with words like

"extreme wear"
"heavy creases"
"missing one or more small pieces"
"extreme discoloration"

Well, I'm eight for eight with this card...and I still love it:

1955 Bowman #59 Whitey Ford

eBay Value: $85-100 Mint
Purchase Price: $5.00


BA Benny said…
I agree, that card rocks even in that condition. It has given his life for the cause and now you will save it and let it live out it's retirement years in a nice home.
I may have to check out that shop! Is Lawrence anywhere near Kansas City? We're coming out there in May!
Matt Flaten said…
Lawrence is about 30 miles to the east of KC. The shop is really an antique mall with a whole bunch of different sellers. One or two of them have cards that are usually listed at book value but there are some diamonds in the rough.