February 6, 2010

Show and Tell #38: A Splattering From Democratic Roadkill

Duane from Democratic Roadkill sent my last Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, and Bamboozles from my needs list and so a "Joy of the Completed Insert Set" post won't be far behind.

HHB8 Ferdinand -- Waldo Demara
He also sent along a bunch of National Heroes. I'm down to only 11 heroes left of the 40 card insert set.

NH30 -- El Cid, Spain

NH29 -- Nelson Mandela, South Africa

NH13 -- Lim Bo Seng, Singapore

NH27 -- Alfonso Ugarte, Peru

NH6 -- Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italy

NH10 -- Mohandas Gandhi, India

NH34 -- General Jose De San Martin, Argentina

And as a cherry on top, Duane also included two bonus X-fractors from the mid-00's...These are always awesome even if the player featured isn't.

2005 Bowman Chrome #106 Austin Kearns X-fractor 020/225

2006 Bowman Chrome #58 Zach Duke X-fractor 163/250

Thanks Duane and a return package will be headed your way shortly!
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