Roll That Beautiful Ballpark Footage

I had an eventful trip to Target [that I'll talk about in a later post] to try to get these cards. I'm turning into Mr. Upper Deck over here always promoting their new set. I guess it comes down to the fact that I don't want them to go under and that the idea of a one card maker is scary.

#556 Miller Park -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

#551 Land Shark Stadium -- Miami, Florida

These stadium cards are beautiful but I swear you'd think they could have found a photo without the six traffic cones.

#585 Los Angeles Dodgers Checklist

I like the red and green background here.

#224 Hunter Pence

#262 Erick Aybar

#276 Doug Mientkiewicz

#44 Augie Ojeda


opoohwan said…
Augie! That is a positive for UD right there (o:
Peterson said…
Even up close, Miller Park doesn't look that distorted (nice fisheye lens) and Miami has traffic cones like NYC has pigeons. They are part of the "atmosphere" (of exclusivity.
God I hate these cards...
email me I have cards for you.
Matt Flaten said…
Peterson, I sent you can email last week to a yahoo e-mail...did you get it? If not, what's your e-mail address?