New Upper Deck Cards You May Not Have Seen Yet

Here are some of the great looking cards I pulled from a regular retail and jumbo retail packs of 2010 Upper Deck. I'm officially throwing my support behind this set this year and throwing Topps to the curb.

2010 Upper Deck #323 David Wright

2010 Upper Deck #412 Everth Cabrera

2010 Upper Deck #347 Jorge Posada

2010 Upper Deck #S-15 Troy Tulowitzki Supreme

These are this year's StarQuests...still scan pretty bad but it looks like they have done away with this Common/Un-Common/Rare/Super Rare BS.

2010 Upper Deck #574 Boston Checklist

2010 Upper Deck #558 Citi Field

2010 Upper Deck #555 L.A. Memorial Coliseum

2010 Upper Deck #98 Mike Lowell

2010 Upper Deck #478 Evan Longoria

These last two Tape Measure inserts are included in the jumbo packs and, as best I can figure, aren't in the normal retail packs.

2010 Upper Deck #TMS-5 Josh Hamilton Tape Measure Shots

2010 Upper Deck #TMS-23 Ryan Howard Tape Measure Shots


Roy said…
I'm with you on UD over Topps. I got ym first two fat packs today, and even without inserts or (many) stars, I was pleased.

That Everth Cabrera is a beaut. Can't wait to pull that one.
night owl said…
Hey, you got the same Tape Measures I got.

Sorry, five years from now I'll be surprised if you don't get 2010 Upper Deck confused with most of the UD sets from the past decade. Too repetitious for me.

But that ballpark shot of that Los Angeles team, whoever they are, is cool.
John Bateman said…
UD has full bleed cards (every year) so some photos look better but Topps makes baseball cards with an actual design. Topps is Topps when it comes to card design
Peterson said…
yuh, it doesn't hurt that out of about 50 cards I have seen from this set, these are the best photography/proportion-wise. gotta get my actual (grubby) hands on some to find far you just single-handedly tipped my scales back in favor of UD
Community Gum said…
I love the Citi Field shot. It looks like a giant train pulling into the station to eat people.

I don't know if you've come across the Griffey Jr. or the Chase Utley cards yet, but those look great. The Griffey is posted on my pack break.

Overall I think I still have to give it to Topps. The design isn't great, but it's something and UD's photos start to look the same most of the time.
steveisjewish said…
UD all the way - I will grab a completed base set of topps off ebay - but topps is totally tossing UD's salad this year desdign wise - time will tell with the lawsuit though
AdamE said…
Can you scan the back of that Red Sox Team Checklist card? I have been looking online for at team checklist and havn't been able to find one.