Done And Done

I'm happy to announce the completion of my 1987 Topps set. I picked up the last two cards I needed this weekend and I've got to say it's nice that the two final cards are not some random junk wax but actually nice cards that a person would actually want to own beyond trying to fulfill their issues with having a nearly completed set that is missing just two cards.

#200 Pete Rose

#259 Mike Greenwell [Rookie Card]

It is so nice to have this set behind me. I imagine I've owned about three complete sets of this stuff over the years. My card collection is spread through two locations [700 miles apart] and so I might actually have a complete set sitting there somewhere. This was the first set I ever collected and so I'm happy that I have finished this up.


michel said…
Congratulations, Matt......Good for you!!!!!
Peterson said…
I have only just begun, but would e happy to send you the rose, gratis.
TheRealDFG said…
Nice. Despite a lot of negative comments, I always liked this set.
capewood said…
1987 Topps has always been one of my favorite sets. I was able to complete it last with the generous help of the blogging community.