Bipping of 1

As has been pointed out by several readers it was pretty funny that of the final cards I need for my 1987 Topps set one of the them was the infamous Bip Roberts. Well, Chris from Nachos Grande sent me a Bipping of 1 with this card:

1987 Topps #637 Bip Roberts

Plus five other:

1987 Topps #583 Junior Ortiz
1987 Topps #459 Dennis Eckersley
1987 Topps #764 Bill Buckner
1987 Topps #696 Gary Lucas
1987 Topps #187 Bruce Benedict

Thanks Chris!


Nachos Grande said…
And I managed to avoid the urge to Bip you...somehow...considering you got me good. I hope you saw the "relics" that your bip cards ended up in...
Matt Flaten said…
I did see that! That was great.