Analist + Therapist = ???

These 1,000,000 Card Giveaway cards keep getting better and better! I bought three packs today at Target in a failed search for new Heritage and ended up pulling two Giveaway cards. It should have taken me 12 packs to do that so the Card Gods were smiling down on me today.

My first player's name made me flash to the Arrested Development joke.

Tobias Funk created a new position which combined an Analyst with the a Therapist and was called an Analrapist. That's pronounced ah-NAL-rah-pist people!

I can only imagine the taunting Ernie McAnally got as a kid...and probably ass...I mean as... an adult too.

1972 Topps #58

And my second card is actually a card a needed for my 1979 Mariners team set. Old and useful...a lot like William Shatner.

1979 Topps #443