Topps vs. Fatheads

Topps announced a new venture today with LTL Prints that attempts to bring them into competition with Fatheads in the giant sport prints hanging on your wall industry. You now can order old Topps wax pack wrappers, Wacky Packs, and Garbage Pail Kids and these babies can be up to seven feet tall.

Some are pretty cool, like this 1959 Topps Hockey wax wrapper:

Some are not so cool. What kind of psychopath prints off a seven foot Max Axe? These people need to be reported to the police immediately.


TheRealDFG said…
I wanted to see "Tongue Tied Tim". That was always my favorite one. Did anyone ever notice how the old GPK's were cool but as they got further along, the production team just quit trying?

I'm definitely getting a couple of these.