January 12, 2010

They've Got It Bass Ackwards

Gellman was upset on Twitter yesterday that this card was graded...I personally don't really care about that so much because I think there is a much bigger problem here.

It's the fact that the cut autograph is forced into the card rather than the way it should be: the card needs to be designed around the cut autograph.

I hate these cuts with all the extra stuff we don't need. Like the writing on the line above that is half cut off...the half cut off "Pres"...both the left and right side of the cut needs to be cropped in...and the card should clearly have been designed with a smaller space for the autograph.

The card companies spend however much to obtain these documents from auction houses and then just ram them into a card like a square peg in a round hole...you know...sort of like the new Topps Tribute relic shapes:

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