Sticker Security

This 2003 Matt Williams autograph from Playoff Pieces of History of can teach Upper Deck and Topps a lot about how sticker autograph and relics cards should be done.

First, let's take the back of the card and we've got a nice little photo of the actual relic used. There's no confusion if this was a pair of pants or sock or jock strap. If only Topps had done this with the Topps Tribute set they wouldn't have the problems they have now. Sure it takes more time to design the cards but with a high end product isn't more time on design the name of the game?

The second part to this is the security features on the card. Now I realize that there aren't a lot of people out there counterfeiting Matt Williams cards but it doesn't really matter because this card has a security stamp on that card and the autograph sticker showing that the two go together. You can't really see the stamp on the original scan but doing in a negative scan you can see the outline on the left bottom corner of the sticker.

Given the recent listing of blank signature stickers on eBay this is an added security measure that should become standard practice for Topps & Upper Deck.


Dinged Corners said…
Picturing the relic used on the back ROCKS.