So I Guess The Vikings Played Today Or Something...

In honor of the Viking game, we'll do some Packers cards...

I received this one out of the clear blue sky this week from Zach over at Autographed Cards as thank you for a few cards I sent him a while back. Brohm was put on the Packers practice squad early in the season and was eventually signed by the Bills. He even got to start the 12/27 game against the Falcons.

Thanks Zach!

2009 Upper Deck Football #NFL-BB Brian Brohm Jersey
Lost in the shuffle of last week's blog posts was that Charles Woodson was named the Defensive Player of the Year. It took me a bit to dig out my Woodson cards and here's a little sample:

2006 Topps Heritage #THC78 Charles Woodson Chrome 0194/1952

2006 Topps Turkey Red #281 Charles Woodson White Version

2006 Topps Turkey Red #281 Charles Woodson Red Version

2009 Bowman #108 Charles Woodson Orange Version

2008 Upper Deck #69 Charles Woodson

2007 Upper Deck #67 Charles Woodson

2009 Topps #173 Charles Woodson

2006 Topps Chrome #153 Charles Woodson


Anonymous said…
Wow, the white Turkey Red Woodson and the Heritage chrome look great.