Packers Vs. Cardinals LIVE BLOG

7:18 PM ET

I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin' that if we had gone for two and made it we would have won.

7:08 PM ET

Well that was fun...and for the record it feels worse to loose in OT then never be competitive at all through out the game.

Packers 45, Cardinals 51

7:02 PM CT

Looks like it's curtains for the Pack.

6:59 PM CT

Did you see the ref go down hard?'s like Ginger Rodgers & Fred Astaire...they do everything the players do but backwards and in heels.

6:54 PM CT

Tails never fails!

6:52 PM CT

WIDE LEFT!!!! Now it's all up to a coin flip!

6:45 PM ET

This is going to be the longest 1:52 of the season.

6:43 PM ET


Packers 45, Cardinals 45

6:40 PM ET

First Down! I think I'm going to have to name my second kid Jermichael as well...Jermicheal George Foreman and his sons.

6:39 PM CT

Biggest 3rd down coming up right here...

6:33 PM CT

Okay, all we need here is a touchdown and 2-point conversion. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME.

6:30 PM CT

It's getting tiring updating the score every five minutes.

Packers 38, Cardinals 45

6:28 PM CT

It's all about who has the last possession in this one...

6:26 PM CT

Lawrence is in mourning...Kansas lost today to Tennessee.

6:21 PM CT

The quarterback must go down and he must go down hard.

6:19 PM CT


Packers 38, Cardinals 38

I have a feeling we might not have to read Donald's book now:6:15 PM CT

I might have to name my first kid Jermichael!

6:13 PM CT

Finally a Cardinals punt!

6:10 PM CT

Atari Bigby might be out for the game...hopefully we don't fall into a Pitfall!

6:09 PM CT

And just so you know...the next time I go for a job interview, I'm wearing this:

6:07 PM CT

Crap, I missed it. Packers back to within a touchdown.

Packers 31, Cardinals 28

6:02 PM CT

End of 3rd quarter...back in a few...

5:58 PM CT

Crap penalty, crap touchdown.

Packers 24, Cardinals 385:55 PM ET

Fiance: "God, I'm sick of this Beanie Wells bullshit."

5:53 PM ET

Now we need to knock the stuffing out of Kurt Warner.

5:52 PM CT

This might have been the best thing I've seen so far today...or at least the best thing since the on-side kick:

5:46 PM CT

Jordy Nelson just made up for those first three horrible kick off returns!

Packers, 24, Cardinals 31
5:45 PM CT

Ahman Green FTFD! [for the first down]

5:42 PM CT

Mason Crosby just made his dad Bing so proud with that kick!

5:37 PM CT

Nice run and touchdown Greg Jennings!

Packers 17, Cardinals 31
5:32 PM CT

I'm not sure what is worse...a game in which we never really had a shot or a last second loss like we had against Pittsburgh two weeks ago. It would be the difference between three hours of pain versus an entire off-season of pain, I guess.

5:30 PM CT

It sort of goes without saying that we need a touchdown here.

5:26 PM CT

I can't even get my first post done for the 3rd quarter and we're scored on again!

Packers 10, Cardinals 31.

5:21 PM CT

Okay, we're back...learned during the half-time that my Dad hates Joe Buck...I believe the line was "and what makes it worse is that Joe Buck is announcing." I also believe the term "pompous twit" was used.

5:04 PM CT

I'll live with a field goal I guess.

Packers 10, Cardinals 24

Going to call my Dad during half time so I'll be back for the 3rd quarter...

5:01 PM CT

I've said it before, I'll say it again, I'm drafting Jermichael Finley on my fantasy team next year.

4:57 PM CT

I did flip over to the Kansas game for about two minutes but I think Aikman and Buck have only said "Brett Favre" once this half. I'm shocked. I've said it more in this Live Blog then they have.

4:56 PM CT

Ah Luke Wilson...I remember when he used to be Owen Wilson's brother.

4:51 PM CT

I only say this because I live in Lawrence, KS but there looks to be a pretty good basketball game on CBS right now...#1 Kansas vs. #16 Tennessee

Lawrence might be the only city where more people are watching the basketball game then the football game.

4:49 PM CT


Packers 7, Cardinals 24

4:46 PM CT

I know we all want to strip the ball from the ball carrier but perhaps we need to focus on tackling the guy first.4:40 PM CT

We are all in agreement that this Rock Tooth Fairy movie will be horrible, right?
4:37 PM CT

Thank God. I can breath again.

Packers 7, Cardinals 17

4:35 PM CT

Come on now...slam it home!

4:31 PM CT

Fiance: "you're an immediate jerk, Troy Aikman"

4:28 PM CT

Charles Woodson FTW!

4:24 PM CT

Crosby wide right.

Packers 0, Cardinals 174:21 PM CT

A nice pass play followed by a sack. I can only imagine what my Dad's going through right now. He might have switched over to poker to lower his blood pressure.

4:17 PM CT

End of 1st quarter. Thank God.

Packers 0, Cardinals 17

4:13 PM CT

Slightly dodged the bullet there...

Packers 0, Cardinals 17

4:12 PM CT

If all the Cardinals did was run the ball we would be doing pretty good.

4:09 PM CT

So let me take a second, get our mind off things, and show this card that I received from Play at the Plate.

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used #DF Bubba Franks

The fabric on the piece is a little messed up which I really like.

4:04 PM CT

Troy Aikman can just suck it.

4:01 PM CT

I always feel like it is 2003 when the commentators say that Ahman Green gets the carry.

3:58 PM CT

And we came back to win 42-20. It's going to be okay.
3:56 PM CT

This is exactly what happened in the playoff game against the Seahawks two years ago. We were down 14-0 really quick after two fumbles by Grant.

Packers 0, Cardinals 14

3:54 PM CT

Now we're cooking with gas. Grant for a 1st down.

3:53 PM CT

Now every time I see that Miller Lite commercial with a monster truck I'm going to think about Thorzul's pull of the year.

3:48 PM CT

Packers 0, Cardinals 7

3:45 PM CT

So let's talk about something else...Ellen Page is now the spokesman for Cisco? WTF?

30 seconds later...apparently not...interception on Rodger's first pass. It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay...

3:41 PM CT

Rodgers is going with the no facial hair that a good idea?

3:37 PM CT

I'm going to try to keep track of how many times "Brett Favre" is mentioned during the game by Aikman and Buck...

3:33 PM CT

About two years ago I live blogged the Packers vs. Seahawks playoff game which is fun to look at if for no other reason to realize I might freak out a little if things don't go good for the Packers at first.

3:29 PM CT

Four of the five idiots on Fox picked the I'm a little scared.

3:27 PM CT

My fiance just said "I don't know if I can watch this..." I might be feeling the same way...but I'm pretty confident about the Pack's chances today.

3:25 PM CT

I hadn't really planned on doing anything for the game but now that I'm here and settled with my pizza bursts why not try another live blog...


RoofGod said…
I'm with you. Sitting on the couch getting ready to watch the game and not sure if I should. There is no reason the Pack shouldn't win this game. The fact that the "professionals" are picking Green Bay scares the hell out of me.
Anonymous said…
I'll join in with you. Go Pack!
RoofGod said…
Not at all happy right now. It might be time to start drinking.
Anonymous said…
Loving all of the little merchandise pictures.
Matt Flaten said…
I imagine every team has these things but there is just something special about Packer short shorts.
RoofGod said…
I'd purchase a pair of those shorts nut the world isn't ready for that kind of sexiness.