January 13, 2010

The Not Card Of The Year Is Up For Auction

The so-called Card of the Year 2009 has appeared on eBay and has a $500,000 asking price...here's the screen shot:

First off, what idiot tries to do a $500,000 auction on eBay? He's lucky I'm writing about it so maybe someone will actually know it is up for auction. A card like this should be done by a reputable auction house with actual advertising and should be available for more than 10 days.

But I digress...It looks like the seller accepts Paypal! That will really be helpful when I try to put my $500,000 payment on my credit card. Plus, you'll be giving up about $25,000 service charge to the company. Good thinking.

Now that I've paid for the item, how do I get the card? Oh, very nice...they have free shippping! Just go ahead and put my $500,000 card in one of those super sturdy Express mail boxes. Don't bother with any packing material...hell, you might as well just put in in a white envelope and mail it to me. I'm sure it will be fine. I've never lost anything in the mail.

Look, ecoreicons, you pulled a big boy card. Now you need to sell it like a big boy.
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