January 14, 2010

The New Guy In Town

Big Zim: "Hey Little Zim...did you see the new guy in town?"

Little Zim: "No."

Big Zim: "Yeah, I saw this new guy down at the pool hall. He was looking all tough with his intense stare and shiny silver sticker."

Little Zim: "Oh man, he sounds so cool."

Big Zim: "No, it's not cool. We were the coolest cards in Matt F.'s Jordan Zimmerman collection and then all of a sudden this new guy comes along and makes us look like chumps. It really sucks man.

Little Zim: "I don't think Matt will just abandon us. I'm sure we'll hold a special place in his heart.

Big Zim: "I don't know...that guy can be a jerk sometimes! We'll see."

Thanks Beardy for the card! Your return card and some Orioles will ship out shortly.
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