The New Guy In Town

Big Zim: "Hey Little Zim...did you see the new guy in town?"

Little Zim: "No."

Big Zim: "Yeah, I saw this new guy down at the pool hall. He was looking all tough with his intense stare and shiny silver sticker."

Little Zim: "Oh man, he sounds so cool."

Big Zim: "No, it's not cool. We were the coolest cards in Matt F.'s Jordan Zimmerman collection and then all of a sudden this new guy comes along and makes us look like chumps. It really sucks man.

Little Zim: "I don't think Matt will just abandon us. I'm sure we'll hold a special place in his heart.

Big Zim: "I don't know...that guy can be a jerk sometimes! We'll see."

Thanks Beardy for the card! Your return card and some Orioles will ship out shortly.


NICE! So are those cards the extent of the Zim collection? If so, I might have a fancy new addition for ya! I tried collecting the Washington Zimmerman "brothers" but Wicked Ortega took over Ryan and I sent him everything I had... If you want them, I will try and dig up my Jordan cards next week. I THINK I have an auto I got earlier in the year...