More Marvelous Minis

Thanks to some help from some brothers in blogging I'm that much closer to completing two of the 2009 Allen & Ginter mini insert sets, National Heroes and Hoaxes.

These first four are from Night Owl:

NH9 -- Jon Sigurosson, Iceland

HHB12 -- Victor Lustig

HHB1 -- Charles Ponzi

HHB16 -- The Cottingley Fairies

And this one if from Fan of Reds:

HHB4 -- Idaho

These next few are just straight up purchases from You can find these inserts at surprisingly cheap prices sometimes. These were all under 75 cents each.

NH1 -- George Washington, USA

NH20 -- Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Poland

NH26 -- Jose Rizal, Philippines

NH38 -- David Ben-Gurion, Israel

NH19 -- Vasil Levski, Bulgaria

NH15 -- Tiradentes, Brazil

I look at these, especially the National Heroes cards, and it just is sad how bad some other sets look.


madding said…
Great stuff. I need to look at making a dent in the A&G inserts myself.
night owl said…
When you think about it for a minute, A&G really does beat the tar out of just about everything else.