I've Been Bip-ped In Reverse!

Rather than a bunch of copies of a single card, I received a ton of different cards of the same player. Dinged Corners recently offered up their Jamie Moyer doubles and I raised my hand and violently waived at them to get their attention like I was a fifth grader with the right answer.

Thanks to these cards I know have a new favorite Moyer card...it's this one:

Jamie Moyer: The Thinker

The Dinged Corners ladies were also awesome enough to include AN EXTRA JAMIE MOYER AUTO THEY HAD LYING AROUND!!! That's a problem that I'd like to have! Thanks again DC!


Thats awesome!!! You can thank me for the thinker, I sent that to Patricia as part of one of our trades this fall... That would classify as a good bipping... I will use your blog as my platform to announce that a Florida based Bipping might already be in progress...
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