It's Been Decided

Clearly we already have the best card blog post of 2010. I don't know how anyone is going to be able to top Cardboard Junkie's tribute to Pants on the Ground. This leads me back to a post I was meaning to do for my Best Of 2009 for the category of Best Card Blog post of 2009.

The best and possibly most memorable baseball card post ever was published April 3, 2009. And, yes, it is slightly better than Baseball Card Blog's infamous Casey At the Bat post. And it comes from The Beckett Blog. I know many of you just recoiled in horror but stay with me here. It's the post that rocked the card blogging universe for a day or two...and then disappeared into our collective unconscious just as fast as it appeared. Many of us thought it was an April Fool's Day joke two days late...I am speaking of none other than The Hobby Hook Up post.

In retrospect, I feel sorry for Leah Shafer. I doubt she had any idea what she would be in for. The post went up at 9:41am that fateful Friday morning. By the next day, Beckett Media publisher Tracy Hackler was waving the white flag and saying that "the most important factor here is that our readers don’t like it — and we get that." It was a train wreck that was interesting to watch unfold but looking back nine months later you should at least admire Beckett at least giving a stupid idea a shot at at least Beckett was doing something on Fridays other than trying to drive up their page views with non-stop contests.