Great Sorrow

It seems only fair that it is now "highly unlikely" that Brett to play next year. The Vikings got the good from him [getting them to their ninth conference championship game] and now they get to deal with the bad [wondering if Tavaris Jackson will be starting next year].

I will admit that I felt sorry for Brett when he hurt his ankle in the 2nd half. I thought "this isn't the way it needs to end." He needs to be beaten by the Saints without injury and for the full game. A Vikings loss with Brett out of the game just won't do. Thankfully, it all worked out just as the Gods had professed since the beginning. "He who livith by the Favre will know great sorrow."

I can't wait until June and the ESPN reports from Brett's front yard.

2009 Topps Mayo #287 Brett Favre Mini

P.S. Did anyone else notice that they ran the new Sears commercial about Brett going to Miami right after the game ended? Ouch.


JD's Daddy said…
though maybe with Tavares Jackson, he will thrown his interceptions all season rather than at the most critical moment of the season, AGAIN. He Munsoned it.
TheRealDFG said…
Selective gotta love it.