Inherited From My Father

I would imagine a lot of you out there either inherited a card collection from your father or got into collecting because your father was a collector too. My Dad was a card collector as a kid and had an entire Harmon Killebrew collection at one point. When he returned home after his first semester of college he found his card collection gone. It had been dumped in the trash by my grandmother in a cleaning rampage. His personal collection never recovered.

When I was a hardcore collector as a kid, my dad really got into Pinnacle brand cards and collected complete sets for several years that I have since inherited as I've gotten back into card collecting these past few years. But my favorite collection he has given me is this one right here. In 1993, Cracker Jack reprinted some of the cards from their 1915 Cracker Jack set and inserted them in every one's favorite lunch time snack. My Dad always brought Cracker Jack in his lunch to work and so over the course of the year pulled a complete set of the mini cards.

And so here they are in all their glory:

#1 Ty Cobb

#2 Joe Jackson

#3 Honus Wagner

#4 Christy Mathewson

#5 Walter Johnson

#6 Tris Speaker

#7 Grover Alexander

#8 Napolean Lajoie

#9 Richard Marquard

#10 Connie Mack

#11 John Evans

#12 Branch Rickey

#13 Fred Clarke

#14 Harry Hooper

#15 Zachary Wheat

#16 Joseph Tinker

#17 Edward Collins

#18 Mordecai Brown

#19 Edward Plank

#20 Walter Maranville

#21 John McGraw

#22 Miller Huggins

#23 Ed Walsh

#24 Leslie Bush


Captain Canuck said…
very cool... never heard Rabbit called Walter before. Starnge.
cynicalbuddha said…
Your dad's story is almost the same as mine. My dad told me he had a Babe Ruth card at one time. Which one? Who knows but after his first tour in the army he came home and his mom, my grandmother had thrown all his cards out. I can only imagine what his collection might have been worth today.
Mark Aubrey said…
I don't think that I've ever seen the Cracker Jack minis all together before. Nice collection.
CaptKirk42 said…
I think if moms hadn't thrown out their kids baseball card collections in the '50s and '60s the cards wouldn't be worth as much today as they are. Anyway that "my mom threw out my cards" happened to my older brother. Fortunately it didn't happen to me, well not exactly. Many of my cards from my childhood (If I didn't trade them away to one of my friends) ended up in our basement laundry/storage room, and then eventually either disintegrated or probably wound up in a give-away box. That is probably what happened to my original Sonny Jurgensen Jersey that I loved to wear (and have a picture or two of me in it)
TheRealDFG said…
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TheRealDFG said…
A gaggle of mine were found by my brother who returned them to their rightful owner. I posted about it on my site. At least 90% of my old baseball cards and a small mix of the rest.