Grips and Gripes

Hey 2010 Topps! Do you want to know what a good insert/sub-set looks like?

Not only are the cards interesting to look at but they are actually fairly original. On top of that the cards are educational for all of us who played baseball as a kid but never pitched.

Now please excuse me while I go out to my tire swing and work on my circle change!

1992 Pinnacle #612 Steve Avery Fastball

1992 Pinnacle #611 David Cone Curveball

1992 Pinnacle #610 Tom Candiotti Knuckleball

1992 Pinnacle #608 Greg Maddux Circle Change

1992 Pinnacle #606 Randy Tomlin Vulcan Change


John Bateman said…
Yeah let see what player takes care of there nails better.
I liked those cards too. I have several.