The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

I'm getting into the habit of claiming damn near every '71 card I highlight as "one of my favorites." I'll just come out and say it: I love this set and every card has something great about it.

Let's take this "common" card for example:

#92 Fred Wenz

Okay, first off we have this: Best. Signature. Ever. If only he had signed it with his nickname "Fireball." But what kind of nickname is "Fireball" for a catcher anyway? Well, that's another great part of this card as it tricks you into thinking Frank is a catcher by his pose when really he's a pitcher.

"Fireball" Fred Wenz can also proudly say he never lost a game in the majors. His career record of 3-0 over 22 games will forever be untarnished and I think that is just great.


oldschoolbreaks said…
I used to live right next to his hometown of Bound Brook, NJ. About ten years ago, he went to the dentist's office where my aunt works. She ended up with a signed photo which she gave to me. It was pretty cool. He didn't sign his nickname though. I have it tucked away somewhere. Someday, I'll probably dig it out and make a post about it.

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