The Continuing Saga: 1971 Topps

I haven't done one of these in ages...I should probably go the route of Night Owl and his 1975 Topps blog and make a separate blog devoted to 1971 Topps...but until I reach the point of wanting to have four card blogs under my name I'll hold off...and since Night Owl's on my mind today here's an off-center Dodger:

#10 Claude Osteen

Claude has a career record of 196-195 over 541 games. That stats makes me wonder which starting pitcher has the highest career losing record? I'm not talking career losses [Cy Young, by the way] but the most total games pitched with a loosing record [non-relievers].

It's not an easy stat to find but the answer is Jack Powell. He pitched from 1897-1912 mainly for the St. Louis Browns and has a career record of 245-254...nine games under. In the "modern" era the answer is Bob Friend who pitched 1951-1966 mainly for the Pittsburgh Pirates. His record was 197-230 over 602 games.


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