January 21, 2010


As my mantra on the right says my goal of the blog is to "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative about this hobby" so I generally don't like writing burn posts. If I don't particularly like something about a set or card I generally won't post about it and look for something that I enjoy to write about. But I'm forced to say that Topps 2010 looks atrocious. And I don't throw around the word "atrocious" lightly but I've got to say that after seeing the packs ripped over at A Cardboard Problem that's really the only way to describe the cards.

I won't just steal their scans so if you want to see the cards I'm talking about just click on the link.

  • So Manny Ramirez was MVP of the World Series with the Dodgers? WTF Topps!
  • Why are you just reprinting cards? Put some new foil stamp on there...do something so we can tell the difference between this series and the million other times you've reprinted the old cards. I should be able to identify a card and the series its from by looking at the front of the card only.
  • These again...really?
  • Although I just wrote a post about mother's throwing away card collections, why are you including cards from the late 90's and early 00's.? Modern day mothers aren't dumping collections left and right. Are we really nostalgic about cards from five years ago? Here's an idea, instead of buying the pack of 2010 Topps, just buy the card you are being nostalgic about for $2.00.
  • A Cardboard Problem didn't scan any images of the absolutely worst insert series ever created by man: "When They Were Young" but Dropped 3rd Strike does. They look like they were designed by the kids pictured....the lettering should be in crayon with a backwards letter now and again.
How do card companies not use focus groups? And if they do use them they've clearly got the wrong people giving their opinion. Since I've come back to baseball cards I've collected the Topps base set each year but I don't think that's going to happen in 2010.
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