December 31, 2009

My First TTM

I have been thinking of starting to do Through The Mail autographs for a while now and I finally found the perfect opportunity....that is, a person with a baseball card that is nice enough to offer to sign his card!

I'm speaking of Jason Wong, 2008 Allen & Ginter's code breaker extraordinaire. He's got a blog where he highlights his own Through The Mail successes and gave his address out for people interested in having his card signed. I had been having zero luck pulling his card this year but finally lucked one a little after Thanksgiving. I sent it off and received this as an early Christmas present.

He also sent along a bonus 2nd sign card. This one is one of the contest cards highlighting the contest he would end up winning.

Thanks Jason!

He's also looking for at least one copy of each of the 13 different variations of his card in the '09 Allen & Ginter set. So far he's got everything except the magenta and yellow printing plates. Both cards are 1/1.
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