My Best Of 2009: Song Of The Year [By A Group You May Have Heard Of]

Foo Fighters -- "Wheels"

Bands face a daunting task when writing that extra song that gets tacked on to the end of Greatest Hits collections. They can be the best song the group/artist has ever written ["Mary Jane's Last Dance" by Tom Petty], be okay ["Music Is My Radar" by Blur], or be one of the worst recordings done by man or woman [the cover of my "My Prerogative" by Britney Spears]. This brings us to the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits collection that was released in November.

The Foo Fighters have always had an aviation back story [a "Foo Fighter" after all is a term coined by World War II pilots for unidentified flying objects] and their song "Learn to Fly" has plain metaphors up the wazoo. "Wheels" is all about "the wheels coming down" and "the wheels touching ground" and you can't help but shout those words in the song's chorus.

Now don't get me wrong..."Wheels" is no "Everlong" but it's easily the best song from their past two proper albums and the song I find myself cranking in my car more than any other right now.